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Welcome to the new site: TI Stadium

Welcome to my personal site. In the past I attempted to make this an all encompassing website, but now it will host most of my Calc and other projects. Also I have changed the name from HonestDownloads to TI Stadium. TI Stadium has gone through several iterations in the past, being powered on WordPress, however due to inactivity those iterations have been closed. I will stay on Webs for the time being.

01 June 2014

--- Everything below here is still from the old HonestDownloads

New Look!

13/08/2013 - HonestDownloads has moved to Webs Site Builder v3, so a new theme!

HonestDownloads now has a userbar!

Feel free to copy and use it in your forums

Current status of HonestDownloads

16/10/2011: My ultimate aim is to move this site off the restricted webs hosting and create a new site. As I have yet to do this and it may take months for it to be completed and ready, you may have noticed the lack of activity here. After my website has been moved, this website will be archived and will no longer be in use.

Announcement! New calc section coming soon!

2010/10/17: As I am still using a webs free account, I discovered that there is a limit of 20 pages to my website. But don't worry, this'll be an opportunity to redesign my calc section! Soon the whole calc section will be on a single web page - in a Flash program! This means that the old calc section will be unavailable for a short time from early November or so while the new section is put up. The new calc section will come with new pictures, and new animations!

2010/10/18: As you may have noticed, I have changed the whole design of my site. Dramatic changes should continue in the next few days...

2012/01/20: As you may have noticed, progress has stalled on the new calc section and is postponed indefinitely. 

HonestDownloads has a favicon!!!

HonestDownloads now has a favicon! You should be able to see this next to the url in the addres bar or on the tab with this webpage! Do you like it? We would like to hear your comments.

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