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Downloadable Programs

Here I will start to add a full archive of programs just for you to download!

Here is the list of programs so far: 

Governor of Poker (Full Version)

This is a really good Texas Hold 'em simulator with clever and advanced AI.

This is 29.3MB coming out soon

Governor of Poker 2 Released!!!

The sequel to Governor of Poker, Governor of Poker 2 is just as good.

Game Maker 8.0 Pro!!!

Briefing: Here we are! The latest version of the award-winning program by Mark Overmars and the full version which is worth money, for free!!! For all!!! Tell your friends to come here to download this game for free and to save money!!! I'm not joking, this is actually true and it is NOT a virus!!!

Date Released: November 2009

Download File: Game Maker 8 Pro Edition [7.83MB]

You'll need WinRAR to read this file. WinRAR full version is now available for download!!! Click here or just scroll down a bit1

Note: Thanks to http://www.transfer2pc.co.cc

WinRAR 3.9 Full Version with Crack

Thanks to transfer2pc.co.cc for this file

Briefing: If you don’t have WinRAR then here is the crack file for you!!! It’s free full version. Just remember when you install it and it says crack remember to navigate to the C:/ Program Files/ WinRAR folder during installation.

Download File: WinRAR 3.9 Full Version With Crack [2.12 MB]


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